Snow days are disappearing for one East Coast school district. So do you think that schools in our area should follow suit?

We're still a few months away from winter, but the question was raised in recent weeks. The Independent Mail reports that a pilot program has started in the Anderson School District 5 in Anderson, S.C. The school district will be "open" on snow days, as students will be using an eLearning program when the schools doors are closed because of snow. So if the school is closed for the day, students will be able to access their assignments via Chromebooks.

Should the program come to schools in our area? Schools across New Jersey and Pennsylvania were forced to close quite a few times last year, and it delayed the end of the school year. Remember how much snow fell in March? It was insane. There's definitely a case to be made.

So is it a good idea if schools districts in our area followed suit? After all, what else would kids have to look forward to if it snows? Maybe they’ll stop wearing their pajamas inside out rooting for a snow day.

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It's tough to say since snow days feel like a right of passage too.

For the South Carolina school district, students won’t need internet service to access to their assignments. So there's no worries about a lack of internet at home. Plus, there will be a five-day grace period for each “snow day assignment.” Additionally, teachers will be available for virtual office hours to assist their students with any issues that they may have.

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