Are you for New Jersey becoming a state where back and front license plates aren't required? It could happen!

According to, a new bill has just proposed that we ditch the requirement for New Jersey vehicles to have front license plates. If passed by state legislature, New Jersey would be added to a list of 20 other states that only require a back license plate.

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Not only is there a bill proposing this change, but there's also a petition on to make New Jersey a one-plate state. The petition argues that this would reduce production costs in New Jersey, (which would in turn reduce waste and pollution) and it wouldn't force drivers to drill holes in their front bumpers.

The petition (as of August 22, 2022) has over 11,000 signatures, with a goal of 15,000.

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When I had to get new plates when I moved Central Pennsylvania, I had a bit of an embarrassing moment. As someone who had always lived in New Jersey, I wasn't even aware that not all states were required to have back AND front license plates. I literally didn't even notice!

So imagine my confusion when I was given one license plate three years ago: "Where's the other one?" I asked! (Cringe!!) After they explained to me that I only needed one in Pennsylvania, I even asked if I could have another one to put on the front of my car, just because it was something I was used to!

But there are pros and cons to single-plate vehicles.  If New Jersey is so concerned about environmental friendliness (i.e. the plastic bag ban), why not pass this bill that would be better for the environment, our cars, and our wallets?

On the other hand, this could make identifying vehicles more difficult, which could become an issue in the case of an accident, like hit-and-runs.

There's also a thread in the New Jersey subreddit about this topic. The opinions are pretty evenly split.

Check it out HERE.

So should New Jersey actually switch to a one-plate state? What do you think?

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