Philadelphia sports fans are well known for their loyalty and their overall continuous faith that the professional sports teams will win it all one day. The last time each Philadelphia professional sports team won it all was in 1974 for the Philadelphia Flyers, 1983 for the Philadelphia 76ers, 2008 for the Philadelphia Phillies, and the most recent was in 2018 for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Everyone knows that the Philadelphia 76ers are known for the slogan "Trust the Process" but how much longer can Philadelphia fans continue to "Trust the Process?" That slogan was attached to the Philadelphia 76ers many years ago but after seeing their most recent performances should the team and fans try to get away from that?

I personally think, yes they should disassociate themselves with the slogan, "Trust the Process." What if that slogan is giving the team bad luck and jinxing their chance of winning it all?  Some Philadelphia sports fans have said that it is now a Philly thing, and losing after a great regular season is normal now.

As a matter of fact, it was recently reported by that Joel Embiid was denied the chance to name his signature shoe "Trust the Process" because the saying is already trademarked by Marcus Lemonis, a host of a show on CNBC.

The Philadelphia 76ers did attempt to file to trademark "Trust the Process" in 2018 but were denied.

If you ask me, the Philadephia 76ers have gotten a ton of signs to just let go of the slogan "Trust the Process." It's time to start fresh with a new quote and leave this one as a thing of the past.

After a while don't you think that "trusting the process" can just become a big joke? That is something that can be a big argument at the dinner table.

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