The sun is shining and temperatures are rising, but school is back in session this week for most of our area.

Air temperatures will surge to the mid-90's this week (with real feel temperatures over 100 degrees), it's presenting a challenge for school officials. Some schools, of course, do not have air conditioning.

In fact, the Philadelphia Public Schools were forced to dismiss early on three ocassions last week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) during the extreme heat.

With more schools opening their doors this week to soaring temperatures, it raises the question about what will happen this week.

So what do you think? Should schools close early during extreme heatwaves? Sound off by taking our poll here:

The potential for late-season extreme heat can last well into September. So this question can definitely affect other area schools!

There's the age-old argument that Millennials are spoiled, but many teachers report that the extreme heat has a bad effect on their health and education. If a classroom is over 100 degrees, there are definitely health risks too.

So what do you think? Take our poll above to let us know.

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