Six Flags Grape Adventure is happening next weekend (November 2nd and 3rd).

It’s a huge event that allows you to taste wine from 17 vineyards that are located across New Jersey. Tasting the wines is easy because you get a little glass and walk right up to their table. Plus, there’s vendors, crafts, and live music.

In fact, not everyone knows this, but you can bring sandwiches and all sorts of snacks to eat. Don’t have food? That’s OK. They do have food trucks on site as well.

There's even a package that you can get that includes a safari tour and special wines in the middle. If you do the safari tour (like I did a few years) ago, you might even get to feed a giraffe. Having done it myself, I will tell you that it was one of those amazing experiences that I'll never forget.

The Safari tours will run from 10:30 am- 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday.


A little tip: if you're doing the safari tour and you have your heart set on feeding a giraffe… do it first thing! The first year the giraffes were too full by the time I got there because so many people had already fed them, so I missed out.

Grape Adventure is happening next weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) from 11:30am- 5 pm.

For more information, check out Six Flags' website.

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