Six Flags Great Adventure has just recently made one thing very clear: they will be reopening the second the government gives them the green light.

But while they wait, they have put together a comprehensive plan that they will put into motion once they start to reopen.

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Here is the most recent video posted by Six Flags Great Adventure so you know what to expect.

A lot of the rules that are explained in this video revolve around the two words that we will never want to hear again once this pandemic is over: social distancing.

So here is what to expect:

1. Reservations are required to enter the park. With fewer people, social distancing will be much easier. Make your reservations HERE.

2. Six Flags will be implementing new, cutting-edge thermal imaging technology that will take the temperature of all guests and team members. Okay, you gotta admit. THIS is kinda cool. 

3. Masks that cover your nose and mouth at all times. The only exceptions are for park guests that are 2 years and younger or individuals with breathing problems.

If you don't have a face mask or forget it, they will have face masks for sale at the front gate.

4. Six Flags will also be implementing high-tech security screening that involves touch-less bag checks for a quicker and safer entry.

5. As expected, Social Distancing will be strictly enforced. There will be markers set up on the lines for rides and attractions, food, games and bathrooms that will show you where to stand so you remain six feet away from others.

6. The park has expanded their mobile food ordering capabilities and have also increased emphasis on cashless transactions.

7. Park employees will be cleaning the rides, railings, high-touch areas and bathrooms much more frequently.

8. Sanitizer Stations will be set up throughout the park and at park entrances and exits. may seem like a lot but a lot of these rules are already things that we are working on implementing to our everyday lives already.

But mark my words, the SECOND Governor Murphy gives amusement parks the green light to open up, Six Flags Great Adventure is going to have a freakin fiesta to celebrate.

....and you know we'll be ready.

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