Ada Pickard is a 10 year that had her wish granted over the weekend. This was all thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Philadelphia 76ers. According to 3CBS Philly, Ada was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension at the age of six. This illness causes high blood pressure in the arteries to your lungs.

3CBS Philly reported that the parents of Ada Pickard, Kristen and Brian, never really told Ada that she was going to meet one of the basketball players and make her wish come true. Right before the big surprise Ada was handed an envelope that said "Make-A-Wish Foundation" on the outside with a letter inside that said, “Ada meets Ben Simmons.”

The 10 year never specified which Sixers player she wanted to meet, but Make-A-Wish foundation knew that Ben Simmons would be the perfect guy to make this wish come true. Pickard also had a chance to meet Joel Embiid and that was priceless moment. You can notice her excitement as soon as she saw Embiid, she covered her face and said, "oh my gosh.”

The young-girl had a chance to hang out with Ben Simmons and the rest of the team while they warmed up. She was also given a customized Sixers’ jersey with her name on it. Ada and Ben Simmons drew on a yellow shoe that the basketball player was going to use during warm ups. According to 3CBS Philly, that sneaker was given to Ada after the warm up.

It was a special moment for the family also. Ada's mom said to 3CBS Philly, "I was proud of her and thankful for the Sixers, Make-A-Wish and Ben Simmons.”

Ada Pickard signed a one day contract with the team. #GoSixers

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