There's a new Italian restaurant/pizza place that just opened in Hamilton Township (Mercer County). It's called Slice of Brooklyn, and it's really good.

It's located at 1295A Route 33, in the Shop Rite Shopping Center, where AC Moore used to be. It's located at the end near Moe's and Texas Roadhouse. You can't miss it. Follow your nose to the amazing smells wafting out of the front door. Lol. They make their own pasta too.

There's been a buzz about Slice of Brooklyn every since it opened a few weeks ago.

There's a local Facebook Group, Mercer FOOD to GO during Covid-19, which at first was created to shine a spotlight on local restaurants that you may not know about and could support during the pandemic, when so many restaurants were struggling because of dining restrictions. Now, many people simply use it as a restaurant source when they're hungry. I started seeing pictures posted from Slice of Brooklyn in the group, and everyone was giving the place glowing reviews. Every picture would make my mouth water. Lol. I'm not kidding.

Knowing this was someplace I had to visit soon, I went and found their own Facebook page to further check out my options. Take a look....

You're ordering tonight, aren't you? Lol. I will tell you it lived up to the hype. Yum. I love their pizzettes.

Slice of Brooklyn has a familiar name attached to it. I noticed when I grabbed dinner there on Friday night that the new restaurant's logo says Slice of Brooklyn by Marcellos Bordentown. Wow. If you're not in the know, Marcellos is a popular (and fabulous) restaurant on Farnsworth Avenue in Bordentown. How could it be anything but excellent?

Check out their website here.

What do Italians say? Mangia. Enjoy.

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