Looking for a place to enjoy a cheeseburger and a cold craft beer in Somerset County?

This Fall you will be able to do just that thanks to three local residents, Gary Frank, Iris Frank and Scott Eadie. According to patch.com, the three had plans to open the pub this summer, but there were delays in construction so now the opening is pushed to this Fall.

Credit: Village Brewing Company
Credit: Village Brewing Company

The pub is called “Village Brewing Company” and it is going to be located on West Main Street in downtown Somerville. There will be a selection of “Top dollar burgers, cheesesteak sandwiches, salads” and many more American style food favorites. Along with the menu of food and craft beer, there will be other drinks offered like “wine, bourbons, scotch and other spirits”. This place is definitely going to be a unique one not only because it is going to be the only brew pub in the area, but diners will be able to actually watch their beer being brewed because the dining area is placed right in front of the brewery. This Fall, make sure you check out the Village Brewing Company for some great food and beer.

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