After a long day, all you want is a good drink to just relax a little. For me, a nice cold beer does the trick. I will take one any day of the week.

If you like trying new beers or going to new breweries that come to town you will be able to do that soon. We recently found out that a new brewery is coming to South Jersey.

The Farm Truck Brewing is the new brewery coming to Medford, New Jersey.

According to South Jersey Beer Scene, the Farm Truck Brewing will be located in Downtown Medford. It is a brewery that was "built from the ground up." This new brewery in Medford is being started by two guys that randomly met while enjoying some beers, Brooke Todswell and Jay Kuhn.

In a Facebook video shared by Farm Truck Brewing, it was stated that the two owners' goal is to make sure they make "great beer for great people that want to have a good time."

We learned from the Facebook video that every detail inside Farm Truck Brewing is inspired by the Garden State because the owners want to make sure you feel like you are at home. The Farm Truck Brewing's main focus is to make sure they stay as local as possible with both the decor as well as the taste of the beer.

On the Farm Truck Brewing website, it does not say when the opening date of the brewery will be but it does state that it will open sometime this year.

Farm Truck Brewing will be located at 47 N. Main St. Medford in New Jersey

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