Apparently, we already know the Philadelphia and Trenton area weather forecasts for both Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  And we can tell you that Accuweather says we won't see any snow on (or around) Christmas.

Yeah, we know that both holidays are more than 45 days away, but that didn't stop us from having some fun today. So we checked out Accuweather’s extended 90-day forecast to see what we could expect on each holiday. So here’s what Accuweather’s extended forecast is calling for on those days:

THANKSGIVING DAY looks great in the Philadelphia area. says we’ll temperatures around 49 degrees and sunny skies. Lows that night, if you’re heading out shopping, will be around 35 degrees, they say.

Meanwhile, CHRISTMAS DAY looks slightly above average in terms of temperatures. says high temperatures will be around 45 degrees in Philadelphia on Christmas Day (with a low around 24 degrees). By the way, they’re forecasting windy conditions for Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve.

Yes, we know these forecasts are ridiculous to even look at this far in advance. 

Accuweather began issuing 90-day forecasts back in 2016, and they’ve been panned by meteorologists. Of course, Accuweather admits they’re not meant to be used for day-to-day planning.

People should not use long-range forecasts as a strict guide, but rather look at how the weather patterns evolve,” Accuweather’s staffers say.

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Accuweather says that when you’re making plans by reviewing the 90-day forecast, you can see a trend of temperatures and precipitation in advance. So having said that… we looked at the trends leading up to both holidays, and things look pretty good for us: 

Temperatures in late November look to be seasonable (the average high is 50 degrees), and it looks to be relatively dry.

Meanwhile, late December appears to be slightly above average. A pattern change to colder weather, however, may arrive between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

We'll see how this works out.

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