It is very disappointing that I've never been to a Mummers’ parade. They seem like a ton of fun. So much fun that even professional athletes have participated as mummers in past parades.

Remember when Philadelphia Eagles player, Jason Kelce, dressed up as a mummer and was a part of the parade in 2018?

We're sure that you missed the Mummers’ Parade this year on New Years Day. We all know that it did not happen because of the COVID-19 pandemic but guess what? It's coming back.

We learned from FOX 29 that after being canceled this year the Mummers Parade will be back on Broad Street.

This is very exciting because this will be the first time you see the Mummers in a while. According to FOX 29, the Mummers Parade has not taken place since New Years Day of 2020.

If you want to know the parade route for the Mummers Parade here are the details that were shared by the Mr. Mummer website.

  • Performance Area & “A” Stand Judging
    N 15th St / Market St
  • Fancy “B” Stand Judging
    S Penn Sq / Broad St
  • Performance Area (String Bands Only)
    Broad St / Sansom St
  • Comic “B” and “C” Stand Judging
    Broad St / Bach Pl
  • Performance Area (Fancy, Wenches, Comics, Fancy Brigades)
    Broad St / Pine St
  • Performance Area
    Broad St / Carpenter St
Credit: Google Maps via
Credit: Google Maps via

The Mummers Parade coming back just makes it even more exciting that the holidays are pretty much here. It’s even more of a reason to party, drink and just have a blast.

The Mummers Parade is happening on January 1, New Years Day, in Philadelphia.

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