Do you have that favorite restaurant that even if you were to move somewhere far from New Jersey every time you came back you would make sure to make a stop there?

Apparently, there is this really good restaurant in Mount Holly called Donkey's Place that everyone is calling the restaurant with the best cheesesteaks.

According to Burlington County Times, Donkey's Palace has been around for over 70 years and now has 3 different locations in the South Jersey area.

As a matter of fact, the local chain restaurant recently opened a new location behind the Municipal Utilities Authority Building. 

Donkey Place Downtown stated on Instagram that the grand opening of the third location will actually be on October 11th. Part of the caption said that they "can’t wait to see all of you!" 

Donkey Place has three different locations which include the original Donkey's Place in Camden, Donkey's Place Too in Medford, and the new Donkey Place Downtown in Mount Holly.

Some of their Instagram posts with the cheesesteaks do look pretty bomb. I will not lie about that one.

It doesn't look like your typical cheesesteak on a big roll. It is more of a kaisers roll type of sandwich.

There is actually a big hype behind these Donkey's Place cheesesteaks. According to a video shared by the Burlington County Times, there was a military veteran that went straight to Donkey's Place after coming back from war. The funny part was that the military veteran did not want to share the cheesesteaks with anyone and he had a total of 6 cheesesteaks in one sitting.

Sounds like a place that I may have to pay a visit to.

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