New Jersey residents have been complaining of this horrible smell that’s taken over parts of the state this morning, and officials have finally gotten to the bottom of it.

Many counties in South Jersey, unfortunately, got the short end of the stick with the smell that was lingering, and officials have finally gotten to the bottom of the cause of the disgusting smell.

According to, “Gloucester County Emergency Management issued a shelter-in-place around 11:30 pm last night for East Greenwich, Paulsboro, Gibbstown, and other areas across the Delaware River after fumes worsened.”

Apparently, the cause of the horrible smell was a truck that was releasing chemical fumes in the early hours of the morning this morning.

Police have been reassuring residents that it’s normal for this to happen, so there’s no harmful leak and to not panic.

The smell that was affecting a large amount of South Jersey residents led to dozens of 911 calls in the area of Gloucester County, New Jersey.


Police then tracked down the truck that was causing the horrible smell at a truck service area off of Berkley Road in Paulsboro, New Jersey. Areas as far as towns in Atlantic County and even parts of Philadelphia were also reporting that they got a whiff of the smell too which is crazy!

Residents were reporting that their town just smelled like rotten eggs throughout the entirety of the day, which to be fair would be a concern. The situation has since been handled and no injuries have been reported, according to

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