My mom is a part time seamstress and let me tell you, she does an amazing job. She has sewn countless dance costumes, she's hemmed countless pairs of pants and dresses. I am very short but not extremely skinny, so it's hard for me to buy clothes. She can alter almost anything for me and I am so grateful for her. Another thing that is pretty awesome when your mom is a seamstress is, you have some pretty awesome Halloween costumes. I remember when my brother and I wanted to buy them from a costume store and a piece of her heart broke. It was only a few years though, she's made so many of our costumes, especially as we got older. I usually plan my Halloween costumes out weeks in advanced, but if I don't I usually try to make something myself or run to a part store for something quick. The Spirit Halloween stores that pop up everywhere are usually pretty convenient.

With no end in sight of the coronavirus pandemic, many were wondering if Halloween might be canceled this year. It's heartbreaking, but could be reality. So does that mean costumes stores won't be open or won't sell Halloween costumes? Yahoo says, Spirit Halloween stores will in fact be popping up, some this month, regardless of whether Halloween will be canceled or not. They will take precautions to keep all their shoppers safe, so I am assuming all their stores will be sanitized and masks will be required. I feel like even if in person trick or treating isn't allowed, people should still dress up. We can't let the coronavirus pandemic kill another holiday. We can still celebrate safely.

To check out locations and when one is opening up near you, click here. For more info, check out this article from Yahoo.

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