St. Gregory the Great's Family Carnival has been taking place in Hamilton for over 40 years and since it was canceled last year, many though it wouldn't take place again this year.

Back in April, there was an announcement that the annual carnival would not be happening in 2021, but St. Gregory the Great did say they would revisit the decision if restrictions had changed by time the carnival would normally take place in August.

Now that pandemic restrictions have been lifted in New Jersey, St. Gregory the Great's Family Carnival will in fact take place this August. The carnival will be held from August 16th until August 21st and will have lots of games, food, rides and even a big 50/50. TapInto Hamilton/ Robbinsville also reports there will even be fireworks.

My family is very involved in my hometown's volunteer fire department. My Dad was the Fire Chief in town for many years and is now a life member. My brother is still involved in the volunteer fire department and is actually a Lieutenant. We've been involved in many fundraisers involving the fire department and the biggest one is our annual carnival.

The carnival comes to town and it excites everyone. Like St. Gregory the Great's carnival, the Middlesex Fire Department is something that has been happening for many years and is a town tradition. Like many other events, when it was canceled last year because of the pandemic, people were so bummed. This year, it was on and I saw so many people posting pictures and excited to get back to normal life again.

I'm sure people will feel the same way about the St. Gregory the Great's Family Carnival too.

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