Yahoo reports, Starbucks now has Valentine's Day reusable cups and most have been seen in Starbucks that are inside Target Stores and they are super cute. People all over social media have seen them in cafes already and there are a bunch of them. There are tall ones with lids and straws also known as tumblers, ones that look like the traditional Starbucks paper cups and they even have Valentine's Day themed mugs for you to enjoy your coffee at home The cup that has everyone buzzing is a purple cup with some red lips on it. When you pour a hot beverage into it, the red lips turn to pink. Super cute and I'm sure this one will be the most popular.


I am a huge fan of reusable cups. I have a bunch of them, actually I probably have too many. In fact, my husband says I am not allowed to buy any reusable cups unless I throw an older one away. So I have to think about that every time I buy a new one on Amazon. I rarely drink out of plastic water bottles, I only have them in my house in case people want them when they're here. We have a PUR water filter on our faucet and that's the water we drink in cups. Plastic water bottles contribute to so much plastic waste and most of it ends up in the ocean which is something I am obsessed with. Anything I can do to keep our oceans clean and help our environment, I will try my best to do. We only have one Earth right?

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