Have you seen these fun, clever roadway safety messages on New Jersey roadways? They've been catching attention and winning chuckles from New Jersey drivers! Whoever's working at New Jersey Department of Transportation deserves a raise.

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Along NJ roadways, you'll see hilariously snarky messages composed from NJDOT staffers, nudging you to drive safely. Love the dry, punny, sarcastic humor! Here's a few messages that were spotted:

"Hocus Pocus, Drive with Focus"

"Get Your Head Out of Your App"

"We'll be blunt: Don't drive high"

"Nice car. Does it have turn signals?" ( <<< Many NJ drivers DEFINITELY need this one!)

Also note!! Obviously feel free to read and the signs, but it's more important to abide by them! If you see one, DO NOT take your  phone out to take a picture of it while you're driving! Cuz, ya know... That would kind of defeat the purpose of the messaging.

If they keep seeing pictures of the signs taken from inside moving cars, they'll put the boring ones back! (lol) Heed their hilarious, but serious, warning down below!

What's also cool about these: NJDOT is open to suggestions for more zesty messages, according to NJ.com. 

Which signs have you seen and where? Which ones are your favorites?

You should totally follow NJDOT on Twitter. Not just because they're always posting important roadway memos and updates, but also because their tweets are funny too!

In any case, they're definitely making our mundane drives a little more enjoyable! Drive safe, New Jersey!


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