Welp! Hope you got all your laughs in while driving along New Jersey's roadways. Those snarky, hilarious signs that told us to "Get your head out of your apps" are about to be changed back to plain safety messages.

Why? Apparently they were too sassy for the Federal Highway Administration, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

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According to the article, this was said in an email released on Wednesday by NJDOT’s press manager, Stephen Schapiro: “The FHWA [Federal Highway Administration] has instructed us to cease posting these creative safety messages.”

Apparently The FHWA didn't even provide a reason for making NJDOT change them. Guess they thought it looked like we were having too much fun.

A few of the safety messages spotted were:

“Hold on to your butts — help prevent forest fires”

“Slow down. This ain’t Thunder Road"

"Only ziti should be baked"

"Hocus Pocus, Drive with Focus"

"Get Your Head Out of Your App"

"We'll be blunt: Don't drive high"

"Nice car. Does it have turn signals?" (<< Too many people in New Jersey need to see this one.)

In response to FHWA raining on our fun, some people on Twitter are rebutting with jokes. This one cracks me up!


So if you've noticed that those lovable signs have reverted back to standard messages, don't get mad at NJDOT. They're just following orders from the feds... *cough cough* party poopers. *cough*

It was fun while it lasted. But man, what a wet blanket on our small sliver of joy on our mundane commutes in New Jersey.


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