Are you looking to pack up and move to Pennsylvania sometime soon? According to these statistics, if you are online and house hunting, there are a few cities in the state of Pennsylvania that you need to stay clear of.

Property Club has released a list of the 10 most dangerous cities in the state of Pennsylvania and the city that made the top of the list is one you want to take off your house searching list.

According to Property Club, “Pennsylvania is a state that often ranks within the top 15 states in terms of crime.”  A few cities throughout Pennsylvania that you may want to stop searching on Zillow for if you’re planning to move or even if you’re planning to take a weekend trip to a new city for the weekend in PA are also listed on this site.

Top 10 To Most Dangerous Cities In Pennsylvania

10. Johnstown

9. Reading

8. Pottstown

7. Philadelphia

6. Ambridge

5. Yeadon

4. McKeesport

3. Chester

2. Darby

What is the #1 most dangerous city in Pennsylvania?

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to this same list, McKees Rocks.

McKees Rocks is in Allegheny County and is known as the most dangerous place to live in Pennsylvania when it comes to crime rates. “McKees Rocks has a crime rate of 6,409 per 100,000; this makes the city 173% more dangerous than the national average.”

So, if you’re still thinking of moving to any of these cities, or in particular McKees Rocks in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, you may want to rethink or at least educate yourself on the area before making the big move!

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