This legit is amazing.

Storybook Land in Egg Harbor, NJ is for sure a family favorite and it's become even more then that during the holidays.

The park which usually caters to young kids and family turns completely into a Christmas wonderland with the help of decor and many, many lights.

Yes, the amount of lights gets a little crazy, were talking over 1 million lights. (Side note, I would love to know who counted that) But why spare any expense when it makes for one lit holiday experience (pun intended hehe).

Honestly though, this is pretty awesome if you ask me ...

This park brings fairy tales to life and they decorate the park every year for the holidays so if you haven't gotten a chance to make it over for a visit, you might just want to consider it this year.

And if you need a little more convincing, just watch the video below.

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