A thread on Reddit titled "What place is overrated to visit?" has gone viral. A few of the places mentioned fall into the category, "Wow!  That's cool.  Now what?"  Those would include Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Others places that people mentioned are a little more surprising, like New York City's Times Square, Bourbon Street in New Orleans, and the entire city of Las Vegas.

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The thread got me thinking...what are the most overrated places in New Jersey?  I posed that question on social media and here a a few of the responses:

  • Atlantic City - If you're expecting Atlantic City to be the east coast version of Las Vegas, you may be disappointed.  "Not much to do outside of the casinos" was the sentiment of most people who put AC on their list.  Others said that having casinos in Philly have caused them to cut down on their trips on the AC Expressway.
  • LBI - This one was a little surprising, because so many people love LBI, but when I read the explanations, it made a little more sense.  If you're used to going to places like Wildwood or Ocean City, MD, you might find the towns on LBI a little "quiet."  Also, a few people said that after vacationing in the Caribbean, stepping foot in the ocean in New Jersey felt "gross."
  • Storybook Land - This small amusement park in Little Egg Harbor has been around for over 60 years, but if you're expecting it to be like Disney World (or even Sesame Place), you're probably going to be a little disappointed.  A few people said they preferred the amusement parks located at places like Point Pleasant and Ocean City.
  • Lucy the Elephant - Yes...Lucy is an institution and I would hate to lose it, but how many people have made the trip to Margate to see her and end up disappointed.

A few other places that got mentioned were the Battleship New Jersey, the Great Falls in Paterson, and the Pine Barrens.  Do you agree or disagree with any of these?  And what would be on your list?  Leave a comment below.


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