Just in time for spooky season, Home Advisor has released a report of the most haunted places to live in the United States.

Would you look at that, New Jersey ranks number one.

More like “BOO!” Jersey, am I right?


“The company researched the number of homes for sale in each state and the number of haunted homes, where there have been reports of death, homicide, apparition sightings and paranormal activity,” according to CBS Philly.

The top five most haunted states according to those metrics?


I thought this one would take the number one spot because of the Salem Witch Trials and its rich history.

New Hampshire

Who knew New Hampshire was so haunted? Apparently, there’s one museum, the Amos J. Blake House, that is not only haunted by 11 ghosts, there’s also a phantom cat!

Halloween house

New York

If I had to guess, there would be a lot of ghosts of gang members who got whacked.


Forget houses or roads riddled with paranormal activity, Ohio has a haunted park! Story has it that Molly Stark Park in Louisville had been grounds for those suffering with tuberculosis. The former patients are said to haunt the park to this day.

path in a dark and scary forest

The good ol’ Garden State

Nothing scarier than a look at our property taxes!

I kid, I kid.

In terms of serious hauntings, we have our fair share. For instance, the Emlen Physick Estate in Cape May. Ghost tour-goers have claimed to feel like someone is touching them. Others have claimed to see a woman in vintage clothing roaming the halls.

Then of course there are other creepy legends like the Devil's Tree and the Jersey Devil.

Getty Images / ThinkStock
Getty Images / ThinkStock

The report from Home Advisor claims almost one third of houses for sale in NJ could be haunted.

Keep that in mind when you go trick or treating this year!

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