Super Bowl LV is just around the corner with the Kansas City Chiefs playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tampa. While the two teams compete, 30 other teams will be watching on Sunday wishing they were on the field.

NFL Nation asked six NFL analysts what teams they think will be serious threats in the upcoming years. The analysts broke the 32 teams into five categories: current contenders, on the cusp, one year out, two years out, three years out and four or five years out. Let me spoil it for you, it does not look too good for the Eagles.

According to ESPN, the Philadelphia Eagles are not going to be a serious threat anytime soon. Our beloved Eagles were ranked 29 falling into the “Trust The Process (Four-Plus Years Out) category. Guess this means we won’t be preparing for another crazy Super Bowl Championship Parade until at least 2025.

According to ESPN, the Eagles are in a rebooting period ever since the firing of head coach Doug Pederson and the hiring of Nick Sirianni. Add to that the fact that the Eagles are projected

to be $70 million over their salary cap in 2021 and will have to make some tough choices about letting go veteran players because of their big salaries.

The biggest X factor for the Eagles is their quarterback situation, according to NFL Nation reporter Tim McManus. McManus states that the Eagles must decide if their relationship with Carson Wentz can be fixed and if it will be Wentz or Jalen Hurts at the Quarterback position going forward.

Although the analysts don’t expect the Eagles to be a threat anytime soon, who doesn’t love an underdog?


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