I think we all have realized by now that this has been the year of the Kelces. From Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s romance to Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce giving us an inside look at their amazing family.

We’ve been able to make them, dare I say it, the Kardashians of the NFL. In the best way, of course. Over the past year or two, they truly have become America’s family sports family and the fact that Jason belongs to Philadelphia is such a flex for us!


One person who is even more iconic than Jason Kelce is Kylie Kelce because of how dedicated she is to the city of Philadelphia.

In a recent interview, Kylie Kelce shared with USA Today that she refuses to put on Kansas City Chiefs colors. “I mean, I just can’t do it, I will cheer on Travis every single day of the week, forever. But I won’t wear Cheifs stuff.”

Kylie has proven to talk the talk time and time again but now she is 100% walking the walk. After seeing Jason and Kylie a the Super Bowl over the weekend, Kylie has proved her dedication to Philadelphia once more.

Jason Kelce was spotted repping a pair of Cheifs overalls to the game to cheer on his brother while Kylie kept her word and decided the most she could do was a red crew neck with the University of Cincinnati logo on it, which is the university Travis and Jason attended.

So yes, she wore red to support her brother-in-law in the big game, but she drew the line in the sand and proved we will never see her in Kansas City Cheifs merch anytime soon. Ever since the Super Bowl and since Eagles fans have seen her dedication, there’s an unofficial petition starting online about giving Kylie Kelce a key to the city of Philadelphia.


Will anything come of this? Who knows! Philadelphia fans are HUGE Kelce family fans so there truly is a possibility this could turn into her being honored with something like this.

For now, there’s no word on anything official, but I think having Philadelphia Eagles fans even insinuating she should have a key to the city is an honor enough!

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