According to a website called, Subway is no longer offering roast beef or rotisserie-style chicken as options at its restaurants.

We checked Subway's website and confirmed that the 2 meat choices are no longer listed on the menu. The Subway Club, which had turkey, ham and roast beef, is also gone from the menu. says that, "According to one location, the change was due to corporate-side menu restructuring."

Apparently this isn't the first time that Subway considered getting rid of roast beef. There's a post from 9 months ago on a Reddit board that seems to be filled with Subway employees titled "Anyone else discontinuing cucumbers and roast beef???"

A Reddit user called kayla_joy01 said, "This is definitely a big deal. A loot (sic) of people are going to be upset and complaining about it. They'll be just as shocked as me when I first heard about this. It makes ZERO sense."

Since the latest "roast beef and rotisserie chicken " news broke, fans of the meats have taken to Twitter to express their unhappiness.




For fans of roast beef,
Wawa has a Roast Beef Hoagie 
Jersey Mike's offers a Roast Beef and Provolone, and
Jimmy John's menu also includes roast beef.

As for rotisserie chicken, you may want to try Boston Market's Chicken Carver sandwich.


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