Sunday evening’s storms caused damage in parts of our area. Most notably, perhaps, was the damage sustained to the roof at Stone-Tech Fabrication near the intersection of New York Avenue and Pine Street.

No injuries were reported immediately. New York Avenue was closed as the cleanup continued early Monday morning in the area.

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The storms rolled through our area around 7 pm with wind gusts reported as high as 60 mph during the quick-hitting thunderstorms throughout the region.

Power outages were reported in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey following the storms. As of Monday morning, however, the power has been mostly restored across our area.

The damage was not just in Mercer County, of course, either, as other parts of the area were not spared from damage Sunday evening.

A hotel suffered significant damage in Neptune Township (Monmouth County). The Neptune Township OEM tweeted that New York Avenue was closed because of damage in the area. They said that the Americas Best Value Inn had suffered "significant damage" in the storms.

In Pennsylvania trees were down in Montgomery County, according to reporting from 6 ABC's Jaclyn Lee:

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