Shout out to everyone from the City of Brotherly Love that is actually following the new social distancing and face masks rules. recently reported that a survey was done where the city of Philadelphia made it on a list that has the most people actually wearing a mask in the whole country.

It was mentioned on that the New York Times surveyed about 250,000 Americans. They were questioned about their "mask-wearing habits." The survey that was released by the New York Times showed that Philadelphians were very honest. About 85% said that they wear their mask all of the time. According to, 12% of Philadelphia residents said that they wear face masks frequently.

I was not a part of the survey that the New York Times did, but I can say I do wear my mask every time I go out to a store. But I will say that if I am just going on a run I do not wear it. So I don't know if that puts me on the always have a mask on or frequently have a mask on category.

The New York Times shared a map that showed that in Trenton, NJ 76% of the people said that they "always" wear a face mask. It was also mentioned that there is an overall 70% chance that a resident in Trenton will wear a mask.

The very good thing about this is that 1% or less say that they never wear a mask in our area. That is very good to know and hopefully brings down the number of COVID-19 cases.

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