The Columbia, South Carolina Police Department just confirmed that they've made an arrest in connection to the kidnapping and murder of Robbinsville native, Samantha Josephson.

Nathaniel David Rowland, 24, has been charged with the murder and kidnapping of the 21-year-old University of South Carolina student, less than 36 hours after she was first reported missing.

Police have not spoken out about Rowland's motive at this time. They did, however, share some new horrifying details surrounding her kidnapping and murder.

Josephson, who was a senior at USC, was last seen leaving the Bird Dog Bar in Columbia, shortly before 2 am on Friday morning (March 29).

Police say that the girl requested an Uber, but accidentally got into a black Chevy Impala (driven by the suspect) before her requested Uber driver arrived. Frightening surveillance footage shows the girl entering the vehicle:

Friends reported Samantha missing after she did not return home and their calls went unanswered into Friday morning.

As police began their search for the victim on Friday afternoon, two turkey hunters in Clarendon County called police to say they had discovered a body off a dirt road around 4 pm. That body was quickly identified as Samantha's. The location where her body was found was about 65 miles away from where Samantha was last seen.

As police investigated and worked forensics on the scene, a black Chevy Impala was stopped in the area during a routine traffic stop (overnight into Saturday morning, March 30). Police say the suspect fled on foot as they approached the vehicle. An officer apprehended the suspect a short distance away.

A search of the Impala and forensic tests revealed that Samantha's blood and cell phone were found inside.

Child locks were enabled inside the car, according to authorities, which would have prevented her escape. Additionally, a bottle of bleach was also found in the vehicle.

The Columbia South Carolina police chief, Skip Holbrook, expressed his sorrow and said the police are standing with Samantha's friends and family.

“There is nothing tougher than standing in front of a family and explaining how a loved one was killed,” he said during Saturday's press conference.

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