It's HOT outside! And there's no better way to beat the heat than to take a dip in your backyard pool. Only... what if you don't have a pool? What if you don't feel like driving to the or swimming with strangers at the public pool?

Did you know you can rent someone else's private pool? You can! And this solution is perfect for summer. Try renting a Swimply pool!

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If you haven't heard of Swimply, their business model is simple, but genius. Much like an Air BnB, you can search for privately owned residential pools in your area within your hourly price range. Once you find one you like, it's all yours to use for a designated amount of time.

You can invite your whole posse', have a family pool day, or fly solo!

There are some pretty decent ones for an affordable price! Usually they cost between $40-$60 per hour. There are thousands of pools to rent all over the country!

As you can see, they can be pretty darn swanky!

But what can your top dollar get you in the Philadelphia area?

This backyard oasis Media!

Credit: Joe V. via
Credit: Joe V. via

This MASSIVE saltwater pool offers a sunshelf, a 25+ person hot tub, grotto, and a swim-up bar by the pool house. While you're enjoying some cookout food and drinks at the bar, you can enjoy the waterfall behind you. You'll feel like you're in an island cave!

At $130/hr, you can bring up to 10 guests, including kids! After 10 guests, there will be an additional fee for $8 per person.

Credit: Joe V. via
Credit: Joe V. via

For additional fees you can use other amenities like the grill, Alexa-enabled speakers, and the pool heater! There's also WiFi and a playground that's free to use!

Check out the full listing HERE!

Have you ever tried renting a private swimming pool? How'd you like it? Let us know!

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