I didn't grow up with a pool in my backyard. My Aunt got a pool when we were younger and we used to swim in it all the time. If we weren't there, we were at the Jersey Shore in the summertime, so we really had best of both worlds. My husband's parents got a pool when he was younger. Even though he said he had a lot fun swimming and having his friends over to swim and having parties, when it came time to look for a house, my husband did not want a house with a pool. He said it would be very expensive and it's a lot of upkeep as well. My heart broke a little, but I am totally satisfied with my little blow up pool that I can blow up with an air mattress pump and fill with water and then empty it at the end of summer and put it away.

With the pandemic taking place in the summertime and not that many things to do, or people feeling like they don't want to be out where there are lots of people, an app called Swimply has seen a huge number of bookings. What is Swimply? It is an app that allows people to rent other people's swimming pools by the hour. You just go to the site, type in your zip code and it shows you ones in our area that you can rent. Most of the listings look like they range from $45- $60 an hour. If you get a bunch of friends together, that's a pretty good deal. The website even list the amenities the pool has, like bathrooms, the use of grills and lounge chairs and a bunch of other things.

Here are some I found in our area.

Bordentown, New Jersey (Photo Courtesy of Swimply)
Jackson Township, NJ (Photo Courtesy of Swimply)
Fairless Hills, PA (Photo Courtesy of Swimply)

Wanna browse some more pools to rent? Head on over to Swimply's website and put in some different zip codes and get ready to take a dip!

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