Uh Oh! Taco Bell is having a few issues with their beef and its affecting multiple states in the US. According to GrubStreet.com, 21 states have recalled over a thousand tons of beef from their store and out of all those stores New Jersey and Pennsylvania were included.

The President of North America Taco Bell Corp. mentioned on TacoBell.com that as soon as they heard that one customer was complaining about the product they quickly decided to remove it from the restaurants that were affected.

Now the question we are all asking is, what caused all of this beef to be recalled? TacoBell.com stated that customers "found a metal shaving in their menu item." That is an absolute NO-NO.

GrubStreet.com reported that neither injuries or illnesses have been reported by any Taco Bell consumer. On the Taco Bell website it is also mentioned that the USDA made it known that if customers are concerned about an injury or illness they should contact a healthcare provider.

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