Going out to eat is still something that a lot of people are still a little skeptical of doing. However, there are others that are all about it and are going out and supporting local restaurants and bars. Maybe an igloo will help you feel more comfortable while going out for a little and enjoying some time out of the house?

It was recently reported by 6abc that Philadelphia restaurants have created some "igloos" that will help you stay warm while still conducting outdoor dining to help practice social distancing. The igloos that were created by restaurants are to meant to keep you warm as temperatures begin to drop in the evening and at night.

The question is, "how are these igloos sanitary?" It was mentioned on 6abc that the restaurants will be cleaning the igloos after every party leaves the igloo. That is something good to know because it sounds unsanitary if the igloos aren't clean after every party. We learned that the igloos hold between 4 to 9 people in each.

One of the general managers of the Philadelphia restaurant with the igloo set up told 6abc, "You're completely insulated from other people. So you're not only further than 6 feet away, there's actually a barrier between you and everyone else."

It'll be pretty cool to eat inside an igloo and just watch some snowfall while you're eating outdoors and still staying warm. According to 6abc, the igloos will have electric heat that will help you stay comfortable.

Restaurants owners have told 6abc that they are all for continuing the outdoor dining experience because people enjoy that a lot more during these times of a pandemic.

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