The death of George Floyd really opened up many people's eyes about the racial inequality that is happening in not only our country, but our world. Since his death in May, there have been countless protests for change and equality for black people everywhere. It's something that I feel is long overdue in many ways. I, myself due to the pandemic have not attended a Black Lives Matter protest, but I've find other ways to show my support.

I remember before I became a Mom, I would just order things online and not look at where they came from or what ingredients are in them, but now, I really pay attention. I've also been looking at ways to support the black community and Target has been helping me out with that since I saw this article. Popsugar reports that Target has made it very easy to support black owned brands that they carry and it's very easy to find them. If you have the Target app or go to, click on a product and underneath that product, it will say, "At a Glance." This will usually let you know whether a food is gluten free or a make-up brand is cruelty free and now show whether or not the brand is black owned or black founded. This way, you can purchase products and support those businesses you want to support.

For more info on this awesome move by Target, click here.

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