At the age of 18 did you ever think about owning your own business? You probably did, I know I did. But I will tell you I for sure didn't have the funds to do it. According to, an 18-year-old in our area is living the ideal business owner's dream.

The 18-year old that created his own business is Randy Fisher. What is a little funny is that his last name actually has something to do with the type of business that he started. mentioned that Randy Fisher opened an exotic fish store in Flemington. The name of the new exotic fish store is First Choice Aquatics.

Fisher told that currently, the store is holding close to 300 fish. The store is continuing to purchase more fish in an effort to reach the full capacity of 1,500 to 2,000 fish inside the First Choice Aquatics store.

We also learned from that some fish at First Choice Aquatics can cost up to a couple of thousands of dollars. At the moment, Randy Fisher's business does not have a fish that costs thousands of dollars, but he does have some worth a couple hundred. mentioned that at the First Choice Aquatics at the moment has fish that can cost customers anywhere from $1.99 to $475. There is a fish called Albino Arowana which costs $299.99. To be completely honest, I wouldn't be able to tell you what a $300 fish even looks like.

If your kid is at the stage where all they want to talk about is fish or Nemo, the First Choice Aquatics has the option to host birthday parties at the store. The flyer showed on reads, "My Ultimate Birthday Party With Sharks."

Randy Fisher mentioned that he has put his education on hold for now after thinking over the pros and cons of business versus education. As of now, the young business owner will be focusing on his exotic fish store.

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