Hi! It's Tiffany from Chris & The Crew here. Jersey girl born and raised. I love my state and I always say that people that make fun of us are jealous. Plain and simple. So this list is for anyone coming to Jersey for the first time or making a big move from another state to live here.

1. Thou Shall understand that there is a North, Central and South Jersey. Some people will argue that it's just North & South, but there is in fact a Central too.

2. Thou Shall NEVER pump your own gas! We are one of the only states in the United States of America that does not pump our own gas. That makes us special.

3. Thou Shall Order an everything bagel with pork roll egg and cheese on it with salt, pepper ketchup. It's wait we eat for breakfast.

4.Thou Shall go down the shore. Visit the beaches, and boardwalks. They are the absolute best.

5. Thou Shall visit any pizzeria that is NOT Papa John's, Dominos or Pizza Hut. You must only eat pizza at a Mom and Pop pizza place.

6.Thou Shall NEVER pronounce New Jersey as New "Joisey." No matter if you saw it in a movie or on a tv show, no one calls in that.

7. Thou Shall learn how to drive properly and by properly, I mean aggressively.

8. Thou Shall NOT make a left hand turn on a highway. Learn how to use a jughandle.

9. Thou Shall brag about two football teams that play in New Jersey, even though they are the New York Jets and the New York Giants.

10.Thou Shall always tell other people that New Jersey is not the armpit of America, that it is in fact an awesome place to see and live.

That's my list, if you want to add to it, hit me up on Instagram...@Tiffany_Radio_945

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