Winter is coming whether we like it or not. Here in New Jersey, it's a toss-up when it comes to our desire to see snow. Some of us want it, while others do not.

At this point, predictions of snowfall are hitting us from all angles. Some are calling for a more mild winter with less snowfall, while others are calling for a very snowy season.

The farmer's almanac, for example, is one of those predicting a snowy outcome. But as most of us have probably figured out by now, we should take all of these long-range forecasts lightly.

However, there are a few things we apparently must plan for when snow arrives across The Great Garden State. Of course, these plans may vary from person to person, but in general, history and general trends tell us what we need to prepare for.

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Rock salt for your walkways

Rock salt is one of those essentials when it comes to keeping your walkway slip-free. It also helps out a lot when it comes to your driveway.

And why wouldn't it be necessary? After all, our road crews use it heavily to keep us moving along. Seems like a no-brainer for a lot of us.

But as much as this seems like a necessity, it doesn't fall into this common New Jersey trend. So for now, we'll leave the rock salt aside.

Man cleaning snow with shovel in winter day.

Snow shovels

Some New Jerseyans may not like to use rock salt but still work on keeping their walkways clear. This is where snow shovels come into play.

Much like the rock salt, many home improvement stores may stock up on these and keep them at the front of the store so you can make a quick purchase should the need arise.

However, if the snow is light, some might skip this altogether. And when it comes to this trend, they also don't make the cut.

Snow along a highway
Bud McCormick via Canva

So what does New Jersey need to plan for?

When it comes to the state of New Jersey, we tend to be creatures of habit when it comes to snow. Yes, we will work on keeping our walkways clear.

And yes, we'll either shovel them or throw some salt or dirt down. So what could it be that we apparently must prepare for?


Well, it's something most of us deny doing, but yet, our supermarket shelves tell a different story. See where this is going?

French Toast
(Credit: ThinkStock)

Every time snow is forecast to fall in New Jersey, we seem to suddenly get the urge to wipe out the milk, bread, and eggs. It's without fail every year.

And yet, most of us will deny we ever do this. Are we embarrassed to say we enjoy eating french toast on a snow day?

Or maybe we just like to have eggs with some toast and a glass of milk? Regardless of what anyone says, somebody is contributing to wiping the shelves clean of these items.

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With that said, it's important to start strategizing now your plan of attack for these items so you're prepared when snowflakes begin to fall across The Garden State.

Maybe a milkman is a way to go for milk? A little outside the box thinking there.

Kristin Duvall, Getty Images

And for the eggs? Well, maybe become friends with someone who raises chickens. The eggs will be much fresher anyway, so why not incorporate that into your plan?

Whatever it is, you need to start planning now. As we all know from experience and past trends, these items will be wiped clean come the first snowfall.

Erol Ahmed via Unsplash
Erol Ahmed via Unsplash

This is why New Jersey must start planning for these three essentials now before it's too late.

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