Ready for a walk down Memory Lane? I bet you have some good memories from some of the nightclubs that used to be in the Jersey/PA area. Don't you wish they could come back, so you and you friends could live it up again? Yes!

While reminiscing recently, and missing what used to be, here's a list of the nightclubs that we think should be brought back to life in our area:

1. The Fizz - It was in Langhorne, PA, inside the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel. Give me a whoop whoop if you spent some fun nights there. What ashame it fizzled out (I had to. Lol). Biz Journals said that the hotel was doing so well, that the management decided to turn the club into more guest rooms, five of which are business suites.

2. Outback Jack - Up the road from Fizz, in the Oxford Valley area was this other fun place. PST used to have our annual Halloween Party there.

3. Finnigan's - Anybody remember this one?  It's was attached to the old bowling alley on Route 130 In East Windsor. PST used to do a night here, as well.

4. Polyester's - This also used to be Boomerang's, I think. It was in the hotel in Forrestal Village.

5. Iguana Club. This was in Cherry Hill. It had an outdoor area, as well as a two level indoor area, right. So fun. This place was the home of the Suckit Bucket. Oh boy. Lol.

Any more?

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