Remember when you were a kid and your mom, grandma or aunt would make the most amazing, picture perfect Thanksgiving dinner? Yeah, I thought you did. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Well, the thought of me trying to do that terrifies me. Don't laugh. I don't want to be the joke, for generations to come, about how I ruined Thanksgiving dinner. Plus, who has time to prepare and cook all of that? Hmmm...what to do? Cater. I can fool them, can't I (hehe)? I asked my friends to recommend places where I could great, homemade tasting Thanksgiving foods, and here's what they no particular order:

1. Wegmans

2. Whole Foods (which I used last year and it was great)

3. Enzo's in Lawrenceville...apparently, their Thanksgiving menu is already on their website

4. Griggstown Farm Market

5. Fedora Cafe in Lawrenceville

6. Cracker Barrel in Hamilton Marketplace

7. Pennington Market.

Any other suggestions? Email me:


Happy Thanksgiving!

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