Nothing is better than leaving work on a Holiday weekend and heading down the shore, and there's no worse buzzkill than when you hit that shore traffic and it takes you forever to get down there. A lot of my family members live down the shore, so I travel down a lot, and sometimes, I just end up sitting in traffic. My Dad doesn't live far from Long Beach Island, so I've sat in traffic on the bridge going into LBI many times. The bridge has many names depending on who you talk to, but it's official name is the Dorland J. Henderson Memorial Bridge. The bridge had been under construction since 2013, and according to the Asbury Park Press the construction is all done! There were problems with the 60 year old bridge and it was crumbling, so they built a new one.

How they did it, was actually interesting. Long Beach Island isn't just a tourist Jersey Shore, there are plenty of people who live there full time. So a second bridge was built parallel to the original one, and that allowed drivers to travel in and out of Long Beach Island. Now the new one is finished and you can see some drone videos here. 

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This is big and awesome news for Memorial Day weekend travelers, because getting into LBI will be way easier from now on. I can't guarantee there won't be some traffic still, but I think the new bridge repairs will make traveling a lot easier.

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