I am ready to snap because of the construction that's been happening on Clarksville road in West Windsor, NJ.

I usually describe myself as a very calm, cool and collected person. However, lately, I am ready to snap. It's nothing my husband did, it's no one at work, it's the dang project that is happening on Clarksville Road in West Windsor.

The township announced that on June 21st, Clarksville Road would be closed for milling and resurfacing. They said the project would take about two weeks depending on the weather. Today on my way home, I noticed: it's still closed!

Our radio station is located in Ewing, I live in East Windsor. This project was announced back in June, and at first, I figured I'd be fine going to and from work because I do not take Clarksville Road, but it is definitely affecting me.

From my house, I take Village Road all the way out to Quakerbridge Road. After that, I jump on Route One South and 295 South. I exit at 206 North and our radio station is off of Eggerts Crossing and Park Ave. It usually takes me 22 minutes door to door. The last two weeks, it's taken me 30 minutes.

The closure of Clarksville Road is causing major back ups on Quakerbridge Road. There's a light at Village Road and that light has been getting so backed up, that I've been sitting there for 10 minutes every time. Just at the light! It's crazy. I had to find an alternate route or I was going to lose my mind.


Thank goodness for the map above and Waze. I was able to take Route One North to Washington Road and get onto Princeton Hightstown Road and get back to East Windsor that way. I could also take Route One, get off at Alexander Road and get Princeton Hightstown Road that way as well.

The silver lining? Since I am somewhat new to living and working in this area, I have found multiple ways to get home. I just hope this project is done on time and doesn't go any longer.

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