Oh, Philly! The city that we know and love can sometimes be a little… well, crazy!? So, we shouldn’t really expect anything less at the Philadelphia airport—the gateway to the City of Brotherly Love. As people come and go from our beloved city, they bring and leave chaos!

1. Lady Performs Limbo Act Waiting for Flight

You wouldn’t think you’d see someone doing the limbo through the airport! That is until 24-year-old Shemika Charles limboed under a row of airport chairs. Apparently, she had won the Guinness World Record for ‘Lowest Female Limbo’ and also appeared on America’s Got Talent. What a party trick… or airport trick, I guess!?

2. Employee Dances on Tarmac


Sometimes you just got to have fun with it! That’s what this airport employee did when he was seen shimmying and busting out all the moves as he guided a plane on the tarmac.

3. Full Out Brawl at the Baggage Claim

I never thought I would see a full on brawl happen literally ON the baggage claim. The MOVING baggage claim… I guess that’s just Philly!

4. Philadelphians' Warm Welcome to Carson Wentz

Looking back , it’s crazy to see how some Philly fans treated Carson Wentz, the beloved Eagles quarterback the day after he was drafted. When Wentz refused to sign autographs, he was blasted by Philadelphians who booed him and called him a pr*ck!

5. MAC dance party and makeovers?

Ok, this type of crazy I can get behind! MAC cosmetics had a dance party in the middle of the airport… AND gave people makeovers?! Sign me up!

6. A Game of Rock-Paper-Scissors on the Tarmac

A passenger played rock-paper-scissors with a tarmac employee and he really looks into it! I am definitely going to try doing this on my next flight… sometimes you’re just waiting way too long!


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