Yes, I'm born & bred in this great garden state of NJ, but, my lovely partner, Dave loves to make fun of me for being a Jersey Girl that doesn't do Jersey things.I beg to differ.

He makes fun of me the most for not ever visiting Cape May, NJ. I love the Jersey Shore, and have been nearby in lots of the southern Jersey towns like Ocean City, Avalon, Stone Harbor, and Wildwood, but, not Cape May. There's no reason why I haven't been there. I don't hate it, I've just never been. I'm sure it's pretty. One day. It's on my Jersey bucket list.

Another one...I've never been on the Battleship New Jersey. I've seen it plenty of times while heading to the aquarium, but, I've never been inside. I've heard it's really tight down there, and I don't want to get claustrophobic. It's awesome looking, though.

I've also never been to Hot Dog Johnny's on the way to the Poconos. Everybody wears their tshirts proudly, but, usually, when I'm on my way to the Poconos, I want to get to the Poconos, I'm not stopping.

But, I will prove that I'm a Jersey Girl through and through....I make an almost yearly visit to Lucy the Elephant in Margate, I've been to Six Flags Great Adventure a million times, I love Pork Roll, jersey tomatoes, and corn on the cob...hmmmm, what else?


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