CBS Philly reports, the Maple Shade Fire Department has been shut down by the township. They reported that it would be shut down for 90 days, However, when you Google Maple Shade Fire Department, under hours it says it has been permanently closed. The township says the town will still be protected by neighboring towns.

Maple Shade Fire Department released a statement on their Facebook page. They are extremely upset with the shutdown of their department as they stated they had no explanation as to why this happened. They are asking that community members support them and voice their concerns to Maple Shade township. You can read their full statement below.

My Dad was Fire Chief of the Middlesex Borough volunteer fire department for many years. It was pretty cool knowing that he was chief. People respected him and loved the job that he did and I was really proud of him too. He is now a life member and my brother is still a volunteer firefighter. As the daughter and sister of a firefighter, it breaks my heart that a volunteer fire department has been shut down. If the Maple Shade Fire Department has done something immoral and authorities needed to take disciplinary action, then I understand, but if this shutdown is not justified, it is very upsetting that a volunteer fire department would be shut down since they do not get paid for what they do. They volunteer their time and risk their lives to run into burning buildings while getting paid zero dollars for it. Hopefully, the Maple Shade Fire Department gets reinstated or gets answers as to why they've been shut down soon. I can't imagine what they're going through.

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