I feel like the summer of 2021 is going to be one for the books. No one is going to stay home, people are going to be out enjoying themselves in every way. I am happy to see that plenty of of things are happening around Mercer County for people to enjoy.

According to their website, the Mercer County Park Commission have many nature programs for this summer including kayak nature tours. These tours are available from 9:30am-12:30pm on Thursdays and Fridays from now until August 20th. The kayak tours are held in the Mercer County Park marina.

The kayak tours cost $30 for Mercer County residents and $35 if you don't live in Mercer County. All your gear is included in that fee and they will even give you some basic instruction on how to use the kayak.

Residents are limited to a one time experience and can request to go on a wait list if they would like another one. For more info about the kayak tours, click here.

We have kayaks down the shore at my Dad's house and we are obsessed with them. Our neighbors had them when they moved in and we borrowed theirs a few times. After that, we realized we should get some of our own and we did.

Now we have two kayaks and we take them out every time we are down as long as the wind isn't too bad. If the wind is bad though, you're in for a super work out. Paddling your oar against the wind can be painful but definitely a different kind of good work out.

I have plans to get a paddle board next. It's even more of a challenge than a kayak and it's super fun too. I've been watching Costco's prices waiting for them to drop to get one. They are pricey just like kayaks, but I will get my hands on one soon.

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