This Thursday, you mat find yourself Googling "Valentine's Day quotes"?  And if you live in New Jersey, you won't be alone.  According to Refinery29, a company called Satellite Internet created a map of the top Valentine's Day internet searches for each state and "Valentine's Day Quotes" ranked #1 in NJ.

It should be no surprise that specific restaurant names and specific recipes were top-rated in several states, although Illinois's #1 search, "Hooters," is a bit confusing.  ("Hey honey...wanna go to Hooters for Valentine's Day?")

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People in Delaware, Idaho and Wyoming seem to be looking for love since their top searches were "E-Harmony," Bumble," and "Tinder."

I feel sorry for people in Kansas, because their  most searched term was "Broken Heart Syndrome."

People in Massachusetts, Texas and Wisconsin are a bit naughty because the top search in each of those states was "Dirty Valentines."

And people in Arizona and Tennessee are just plain dirty, because their top search was "Venereal Disease."

Lots of people in Nevada searched for "Brazilian Blowout," while people in Utah were searching for "Brazilian Waxing."

And then there is New Hampshire, where the most searched phrase on Valentine's Day was the ever-popular "Steak & BJ Day".

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