Lucy the Elephant in Margate, NJ, has been named the Oddest Tourist Spot in New Jersey. What??? It's one of my favorite tourist spots, and I wouldn't call Lucy odd, I would call her adorable. But, a MoneyWise reporter calls her odd. Lol.

Growing up, my family vacationed in Avalon, NJ, every summer, and during our stay, we always ventured to see Lucy, and take an annual picture. Even as an adult, I get excited going to see her, and tell friends the road trip is worth it. She's stands 6 stories high and weighs 90 tons.She's been a real estate office, a tavern, a library, and now a visitor's center. You can pay $8.00 to go inside, take a tour, and check out the Jersey Shore view from up on her back. Go visit Lucy! There's a cool little bar & grill right infront of her, beachfront.

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