I may have found a way to get your guy to sit through those corny Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. So hear me out because this may actually be perfect for couples.

Ladies, I  know we all secretly love to watch these adorable movies, Well, I think your guy would rather watch something else, right? So here's a way to get your man to watch those movies with you, just play this drinking game.

Here's how it works...

You take one sip of your drink when...
- A couple falls in love in less than a month.

- It snows on Christmas.

- Two people “just happen” to stand under the mistletoe.

- Someone explains their crazy behavior just by saying “It’s Christmas.”

- Two characters meet involving some kind of motor vehicle incident.

- The movie moves to a different country.

- Someone does archery.

- The main character is told she will never find love.

Take two sips of your drink when…

- A couple falls in love in a short time.

- A mysterious older man is introduced who is wise beyond his year and could be Santa Claus.

- Out of the ordinary magical things happen.

- There’s a shot of a small town full of people shopping.

- A man says he wants to listen to a woman.

- There’s a scene of a woman trying to figure out what to where is her bedroom.

Finish that drink when…
- A couple gets engaged after a short amount of time

- A character sits down and watches a Christmas movie

- The movie ends with a wedding

Looks fun right? Get ready to watch all the romantic Christmas movies you want this season with this awesome drinking game.


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