I have to admit I could watch Hallmark Christmas movies 24/7. They make me so happy. I don't care if you make fun of me. It's nice to escape into a fairy tale world sometimes to get away from the yuck of the real world.

I was so excited to see on Wildwood Video Archive that Cape May, New Jersey is featured in one of Hallmark's new movies of the season. I love seeing local places on TV.

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Did you catch it?

Unfortunately, the movie aired for the first time last Sunday (November 13th), but not to worry, the Hallmark Channel often replays its movies, especially the new ones.

The movie is called Christmas at the Golden Dragon. It's described like this: "When Romy and Rick's parents surprise them with the news that they will be closing the Chinese restaurant they have owned and operated for decades, the siblings each find themselves reevaluating their futures. Also impacted by the news are the landmark restaurant's loyal patrons and staff, who have all come to depend on the restaurant over the holidays."

Sounds like a few of the other Hallmark movies I love, so I'm sure it's a very sweet story.

The shots of Cape May don't come until almost halfway through the movie (the article says the 55 minute mark). Before the restaurant scene, there's a fast outside scene and waa laa...it's Cape May.

If you DVR the movie, you may have to back it up a few times to see what if you recognize it, but, it's Cape May. How exciting. It's a snowy Washington Street Mall.

Cape May certainly has that Hallmark feel, doesn't it?

I can't wait to watch the whole movie.

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