Do you have any Eagles fans in your life? If yes, here's is a really cool holiday gift idea.

CBS News Philadelphia is reporting that starting this weekend (December 10th) you can get a SIGNED copy of "A Philly Special Christmas."

You've heard of this festive, funny project, right?

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Some of the offensive line of the Philadelphia Eagles (who are having one heck of a season this year, by the way) joined together to make a very special Christmas album to bring joy to all their fans, and probably a few laughs.

The Christmas album features fan-favorites Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson and Jordan Mailata. I wasn't expecting them to sound like pros in the recording studio like they are on the field, but they're not that bad. They're actually pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised. You go, guys.

Check out a little clip from Eagles Nation...

Not bad, right?

The album would make a perfect gift for any diehard Eagles fan.

There are a limited number of autographed albums available at Eagles Pro Shop locations starting this weekend. This would be extra special for fans.

Here's where you can find the Eagles Pro Shops:

*The Linc (the team's home field). It's at HeadHouse Plaza

*Market Place at Garden State Park on Route 70 West in Cherry Hill.

*Rockvale on Willowdale Drive in Lancaster.

The cover looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas album, which is so funny.

The full album is being released on December 23rd.

This is a cool way for the Philadelphia Eagles to wish you a Merry Christmas.

More wins would be great too.

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